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Alexander's Artisan Chocolates & Vino Bistro

Alexander's Artisan Chocolates & Vino Bistro

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About Us

Alexander's Artisan Chocolates & Vino Bistro is unique in that they are French-trained Chocolatiers and have blended the art of chocolate craftsmanship with a full wine tasting room hosted by a Certified Wine Sommelier on staff who creates a changing venue of local artisan and estate wineries to raise the art of both your chocolate and wine experience beyond the ordinary or expected.

True excellence is visible and palpable to the tongue -- “Aristoi” as it were in Ancient Greece -- meaning extraordinarily the best. And the best chocolate is not just the sweetness of sugar, not the richness of the cream, nor the intrigue of cocoa. It’s the perfect measure of all parts coming together in a singularly exquisite experience. Alexander's Artisan Chocolates & Vino Bistro is where trained and practiced craftsmanship and passion for quality create “Aristoi” in the delectable form of exquisite chocolates. From the smell in the air outside our doors to the decadence on the tip of your tongue, every creation we offer is the result of high intention, sincere effort, and perfect execution. It is truly excellent chocolate – beyond the ordinary or expected.


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Rep/Contact Info

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Steve Machajewski
Certified Sommelier
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Alex Radcliffe

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