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Hometown Hero Award-Law Enforcement Officer of the Year-Nick Henzel Community Service Award

Nominations for the Nick Henzel Community Service Award are being sought from the Walla Walla Sheriff's Office, Walla Walla Police Department, College Place Police Department, Washington State Patrol – Walla Walla Detachment, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – Walla Walla County, and the Veterans Administration Police – Walla Walla. One Nominee from each Agency is requested. One Nominee will be selected for the award.

The Nick Henzel Community Service Award recognizes the significant contributions, character and dedication of an individual. Law Enforcement Officers serve their communities in many different ways; they monitor criminal activity, take part in community patrols, respond to emergency calls, and much more including being role models of community responsibility. This award is to be presented to an Officer who has distinguished himself/herself through outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty through service to their community.

Award Criteria:
-Commitment to a club, organization or community service
-Mentorship to others providing inspiration and encouragement
-Support of a program(s) or activity(s) in the Walla Walla Valley Community
-Activity that is representative of a giving spirit
-Response to the emergency care and/or rescue of an animal(s)
-Providing aid to someone in need
-Efforts to improve the safety and/or well-being of the Walla Walla Valley Community
Please fill out information for the person, business or organization your are nominating.
Nominee must meet eligibility requirements to be considered. Please review the category descriptions for the core focus areas of each application. (Found on top of form)
Please fill out your contact information.
Thank you for your nomination.
All nominations are due by Wednesday, January 20. The nominees will be reviewed and selected by an independent selection committee.

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