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Walla Walla Public Schools


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About Us

Walla Walla Public Schools educates a diverse population of nearly 5,800 students and is comprised of 2 high schools, 2 middle schools, 6 elementary schools, a preschool, and SEATech Skills Center. Our Vision - Developing Washington's Most Sought-After Graduates.

Rep/Contact Info

Rob Ahrens
Director, Alternative Learning Programs
Alayna Brinton
Board of Directors
Michelle Carpenter
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Barb Casey
Director of Special Education
Brent Cummings
Early Learning Director, Walla Walla Center for Children & Families
Don Davis
Interim Principal, Berney Elementary School
Ms. Kim Doepker
Principal, Garrison Middle School
Kris Duncan
Principal, Pioneer Middle School
Nicole Duncan
Assistant Principal, Garrison Middle School
Chris Ferenz
Athletic Director, Walla Walla High School
Amy Ford
Assistant Principal, Green Park Elementary School
Robert Foster
Director of Facilities & Operations
Lisa Franklin
Assistant Principal, Pioneer Middle School
Maria Garcia
Principal, Sharpstein Elementary School
Chris Gardea
Assistant Superintendent
John Griffith
Director of Transportation
Stacey Haveman
Director of Health Services
Bailey Hayes
Assistant Principal, Prospect Point Elementary School
Cesar Hernandez
Principal, Green Park Elementary School
Mark Higgins
Director of Communications, District Office
Susan James
Assistant Principal, Walla Walla High School
Janette Jeffris
Director of Fiscal Services
Marci Knauft
Principal, Lincoln High School
Christy Krutulis
Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
Ruth Ladderud
Board of Directors
Jerry Maher
Director of CTE & SEATech
Dr. Mindy Meyer
Director of Human Resources
Pamela Milleson
Director of Nutrition Services
Kathy Mulkerin
Board of Directors
Marlene Perez
Principal, Edison Elementary School
Dr. Julie Perron
Director of Equity and Dual Programs
Rick Pummel
Assistant Director, Technology
Casey Richards
Preschool Programs Supervisor
Keith Ross
Director of Technology
Claudia Salazar
Assistant Principal, Walla Walla High School
Derek Sarley
Board of Directors
John Schumacher
Principal, Walla Walla High School
Dr. Wade Smith
Carina Stillman
Assistant Principal, Walla Walla High School
Libby Thompson
High School Special Education/504 Supervisor
Terri Trick
Board of Directors
Justin Vernon
Principal, Prospect Point Elementary School

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